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How dose one get more involved in general, I am currently unable to travel for a lot of different reasons and having a hell of a time trying to track down like-minded folk, heard someone say awhile back "anarchists are like cats you never know they are there until they pounce" thought that was kinda funny and neat. Anyways I am in the HRM region and like I said very new to all this and learning but feel like I have had the "eurka moment" so to speak.
this isn't really the kind of question that can be answered online or to strangers.
in general i can say--as for any kind of activity--make friends. do things with your friends. be thoughtful about what kinds of things you want to do.
the black bloc is not a magical group.

edited to add that HRM = halifax area

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Yes you can just show up to a black bloc.  I  think if you are very new to anarchism you may want to hit the books for sometime before you mask up and fight the cops.  Think about how power relations affect your day to day life, this is more important than militant actions at summits.
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