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They seem quite Maoist and convinced that they don't purport just some regular state, but an institution to uphold the 'revolutionary line', not to mention anarchists seem to be the bane of them. Thoughts, critiques, criticisms?
You pretty much hit the nail on the head as far as an anarchist critique of them. Their perspective on anarchists, as well as their brand of M-L-Mism is pretty much indistinguishable from that of the RCP, except they don't have the cult of Bob going on.

Don't think Leading Light is very prominent where I'm at, so i don't know I've ever encountered them outside of the tubes, but their website is pretty much exactly what I'd expect, and gave me the exact same nasty feeling when I looked at it. I think I might go take a shower now.
Most of the leading lights I've encountered spout word for word the propaganda on their website, written by some middle-class white guy in California. They've managed to organize on an international scale, mostly in countries they consider "third world", and they help to back some causes that some anarchists might be on par with, but they're still Maoists and pretty pointless to debate with

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