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um I think the question pretty much sums it up

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a) there are lots of different kinds of anarchists (ie anarchists have wildly divergent ideas about things, and do really different sorts of things), so if two different anarchists say mutually exclusive statements, that's ok... better to recognize the contradictions than to try to fit us all into a box.
b) there is a history of anarchist actions and thoughts that is probably worth finding out about (theanarchistlibrary.org is one obvious place to start reading). it's worth doing some research so that things like the anarchist hostility for/love of communists makes a bit more sense (one example among many).
c) anarchy isn't something just to read about. it is something to live, something to challenge ourselves with every day in every interaction. not to keep ourselves from doing things, but to imagine the world we want to live in.

that's the best i can do at the moment. if you have a more specific question, shout it out.
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No one tells you what to think.
No one tells you what to choose.
No one tells you how to live.

The objective of Anarchy to do away with the means people use to control and oppress others:
Government, forms of hierarchy, laws, and capitalism.

Only with the conditions of anarchy are people able to have the life they wish to live.
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