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There may be some way to eliminate government structure step-by-step, by tackling the top (most-hated? most-controversial? easiest?) law or agency... and maybe we can even get cooperation of people on each side of the aisle to help each other out.  So... what are they from this side?  Then we can gather votes from those here and elsewhere to figure out what ones would be best to do first.

Here are some possibilities:
I'm sorry, I think that you are lost or confused. This is anarchy101, not provoter-reformist-attempts-to"destroy"-government-from-the inside-out-as-to-cowardly-not-rock-the-boat-or-doing-anything-radical-101.
Great.  Then vote it down or remove it.  Maybe there's more than one approach to anarchy, or more than one way to use this tool.  Or maybe not.  Cheers!
uh... yeah, you're in the wrong place.
Oh, you've been down voted. And I have no ability to remove posts. But thanks for the suggestions.

I agree there are many ways to do anarchy, and I enjoy that about anarchism. However the reformist call for 'bigger cages, longer chains' through begging the powers that be for slightly better conditions one small request at a time, isn't appealing, and I would argue, isn't anarchy.

Sure, I can see how one may think that we can vote away texting laws. However, do you really think that we can be rid of medical licensure, taxes, the FBI through bipartisan politics? Are you really under the impression that if we work within the current political sphere, with politicians, that they will legislate themselves and their military out of existence?!

Democrats and Republicans want to eliminate certain policies, not for the sake of dismantling the government, but to give their party greater control within that government.

You aren't just in the wrong place, you are also confused about reality and sorely naive.

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It's not about changing policies, it's about changing people. We want no government, and playing politics wont get that done.

Focus on changing people. If we can make a culture that is against the abuses of statism, we will get what we want, no government.

Change people by talking to them and opening them up the the ideals of anarchism.

I want to encourage my friends and family to spend more thought along these lines.  They are more willing to read or participate in this kind of discussion.  If I can get them to start with this, maybe they'll read more and/or start considering options they've never considered before... hopefully leading to the logical conclusion.

I'm personally not interested in driving this change within.  But if this approach is interesting to someone else, and if it becomes a stepping stone on their way to full understanding, I'll encourage it.  So I'm still hoping to use this question to gather real answers, in the hopes that I can send friends and family here and they'll engage and think about it all.

I'm interested in any kind of communication and action to spread this education and culture.  I want others to learn this way... and I want to learn what kinds of bait work.
I'd like to comment briefly that it takes more than just "talking to people" for people to come to identify with anarchism, and also that leading as many people as possible to become anarchists isn't necessarily the most ideal or effective means of creating an anarchist society.

Also don't forget the abuses of capitalism in addition to statism. Not to mention every other form of authoritarian hierarchy, and so on.

Probably more could be said about this, but I'm in a hurry and just wanted to make that small note.