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There may be some way to eliminate government structure step-by-step, by tackling the top (most-hated? most-controversial? easiest?) law or agency... and maybe we can even get cooperation of people on each side of the aisle to help each other out.  So... what are they from this side?  Then we can gather votes from those here and elsewhere to figure out what ones would be best to do first.

Here are some possibilities:
to be clear for future readers - this is not an anarchist question. it is a tactical question that an anarchist (i would argue a confused one) might have, but the question of tactics is thorny for precisely the reason that this question indicates - which is that tactics are practical things, addressing realistic goals. and capitalism has proven itself extremely efficient at coopting all questions of reality and realism.
this is true and undeniable really, but people frequently choose to deny it because it doesn't allow for addressing people's concerns about next steps - so anarchists get called idealists and/or unrealistic.

anyway, i'm leaving this here for the moment because it seems like a perhaps useful example of something, even if i can't exactly name it at the moment. maybe just that it's nice to have a clear downvote every once in a while?

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Eliminate all policies, all laws, all agencies, all governments, all democracies, all voting booths, and finally, you.

EDIT: Dot's comment on the question might explain the motivation of this answer! To whatever extent it seems "impossible" to destroy the entirety of authoritarian/hierarchical social relations, it's all the more impossible to use the political machinery of democracy to somehow create anarchy by removing random assortments of laws, piece by piece, via somehow manipulating sectarian political movements (which, themselves, have a MASSIVE interest in the continuation of capitalist democracy and will never knowingly take actions that endanger it).
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