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Why do anarchists think the ISO has a lot of money?

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Go here: http://foundationcenter.org/findfunders/990finder/
Put in "Center for Economic Research and Social Change". Click on their 2010 990 form. $595K contributions, $600K profit, $231K other income. Scroll down and you find that $272K is various contributions less than $5000, $250K is Wallace Global Fund, $43K is Lannan Foundation. If you go to the web page for Wallace Global Fund, you can search their grants and find a bunch listed for CERSC every year. Look up the history of Wallace Global Fund, and it was founded by Robert B. Wallace, heir to Henry A. Wallace's agribusiness that was sold to DuPont for $10 billion soon after the start of the foundation.

The question is - why do the directors of the billionaires' foundation think that the ISO's publications and work further the agenda of the late billionaires? And if the foundation changes their mind based on the content of the publications and actions, how would that impact the ISO? And do the leaders of the organization candidly share their answers to these questions?
asked Sep 26, 2012 by anonymous

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Enemies can not only be starved out and besieged, but also pacified assimilated. Truly dangerous groups will almost always be attacked using the full force available (which we can't really hate the billionaires or the state for doing, since we do, or at least we ought to do the same right back). Groups that like to dabble or flirt with confrontation might get the stick, or they might just get the carrot of further monetary support to meet their goals, so long as there are some provisions.

This is the trap of being an actual tax exempt 501c3: There are all sorts of legal requirements to maintain that status, and then on top of that there are the requirements of funders, who will often fund things like research groups that might be affiliated with other political movements or tendencies, but that funding will be limited to strictly circumscribed uses. Even when radical action and politics aren't explicitly discouraged, there is oftnen a fear on the part of the institution and leadership of losing the lucrative funding they've come to rely on - they will start to police themselves. A good book to read on all this is "The Revolution Will Not Be Funded" edited by the INCITE Network.

I suspect that more likely than all that though is that the work of the CERSC is so devoid of any actual potential threat to the power structures of capitalist civilization as to be entirely worth funding for progressive/lefty foundations. It isn't as if the ISO is really calling for very drastic changes to how things are ordered (maintaining hierarchy, industrial production, the state, blah, blah, blah...)
answered Dec 4, 2012 by ingrate (21,930 points)
edited Dec 4, 2012 by ingrate