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How do you define anarchy?  Answer with a short definition of the term.

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I define anarchy as a situation in which there is a lack of domination or institutional authority: without laws or rulers.

The answer would be different if you asked about anarchism, and I purposely excluded any value-laden language in my definition (so I am neither saying anarchy = good or anarchy = bad, although I personally strive to make anarchy happen as often as possible).
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an RPG
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the follow up to this answer is:
what do you mean by "an RPG"?
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A fun thing to fail at.
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ANARCHISM: beliefs or behavior opposing hierarchical power, exploitation, and alienation, instead advocating collaborative self-determination and intentional resistance, historically through diverse means.

ANARCHY: absence of hierarchical power, exploitation, and alienation, especially through collaborative self-determination and intentional resistance; a society without rulers.
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