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A lot of people seem to be just against all oppression of any kind? Is there anything more to anarchism or anarchy?

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The anarchist's being anti-oppression is only a corollary of a "higher maxim". The anarchist is anti-oppression *because* he values immediated social relations of unique ones, etc. He simply is not a slave-moralist nay-sayer to oppression, but a master-moralist who affirms life and creates values, and anyone who oppresses it is his enemy. So to answer your question, anarchism is not just anti-oppression; it's pro-ego, pro-nothingness*, pro-immediation, pro-authenticity.

*I know this is a vague term, so lemme just clear that by "nothingness", I mean the spontaneity of the ego and hence the lack of essence.
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"The anarchist" is not a man.
Sorry, what? Is that supposed to be a reference to Nietzsche's "man is a bridge between beast and the superman" thingy? In that case, my apologies, I should've emphasized it on my post. Otherwise, wth?
Uh, no. It is a reference to the fact that you have excluded half of humanity by your retrogressive sexist language.