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Many forms of anarchy are mentioned on this site, I may not agree in manner of approach but still they are striving for much of the same purpose.  If efforts were mutually addressed and coordinate, an effectiveness could be increased.  So, why not?
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Not all all forms of anarchy are compatible, nor do they necessarily have the same goals or see eye-to-eye and therefore the point in working together to achieve mutual goals. Of course, there are exceptions.
How many different ways are there to not rule others?
That is a part I do not understand.  We all want to be free from others telling us what to do and how we should do it.  How could we not agree useless we want to do the very thing we wish to be free of.
There is only one way not to rule over others: by wanting others to be able to make their chooses without the interference of my own.
Well, I'm not sure what you mean by "many forms of anarchy..." there's only one "form of anarchy..." just as there is only one "form of government" ... I would figure all those opposed to statism, illegitimate (based upon the non-aggression principle and the concept of individual sovereignty) claims of "authority", "the government," and "involuntarism"/coercion/the initiation of violence would be anarchists.. anarchy is "no rulers," if there's only one way to not rule others, to not be ruled, then there's only one "form of anarchy"..

 im not sure if youre asking "why dont the seemingly different 'factions' of 'anarchism' coordinate for a common goal' with the 'why not?' but it's kind of like aksing "what's the perfect chair look like?" how could anyone but the individual know why they do not coordinate?

 the issue here is a belief in "authority," which is instilled via the "school system" from an early age. it's not so much "the state" as it is the people who believe in "the state," that is the core.. aside from going off and trying to avoid 'the state' at all costs, finding a place to live as free as you can, nothing will change regarding 'the state' until the individuals who believe in 'the state' give up the myth, or when enough people wake up and begin resisting/refusing to comply...
Redblood Blackflag, you are not only a troll and an anarcho-capitalist, but even your generically anarchist answers/commentary are totally lacking and useless in their analysis.

Yeah, the solution to the existence of the state is for everyone to realize that it's a social construct. Right.

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Most anarchists that identify with class struggle tell me that I need to get a job and go organize the working class...then we can start organizing production along egalitarian lines.

I would rather abolish work and production...see the conflict?
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Actually that is what I am talking about.  
We still in our own way want to exist in a world where every person is able to hold fast to their own values and ideas rather than exist in a world of government and capitalism.  So why do we feel we must agree with our approaches if our main objective is along closer lines of what we want in common than the current situation.

You wish to live a life free of work and production, I wish a life to choose my own vision of what I want my life to be like.  In the condition of anarchy there is no one telling us to conform to the others preference.  No "majority rules".  

We have been taught that difference means conflict, but here I want you to have the same ability to choose as I want otherwise we continue to determine what others should do and how they should live.

We should embrace and respect our differences because each persons choices in life is as important as another's and no government or group of anarchists should determine our ability to do so.

Even if this is not your vision at least you would be able to live according to a lifestyle much closer than you are currently able to do so.  The same with most anarchist who see authoritarianism as a form of slavery and capitalism as the stronghold of class, privilege, and domination.