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I am just really frustrated that right wingers, seem to be able to put aside petty squabbling in order to enable their effective incursion on all fronts? Why are the left so unable (it would seem) to identify and arrive at a consensus which would create an effective opposition to them?

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The house divided against itself will remain a house against the homeless.
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You might be looking at this within the context of the reformist/conservative Right, which (in the United States, at least, and I imagine most nations in Western Europe) is the most prevalent tendency of the Right if my perspective isn't completely skewed.

Since it's relatively easy for reformist groups to work together (compared to radical groups), as they all work through more or less the same politically- and socially-"legitimate" methods, it might seem that they're more capable of banding together and accomplishing their goals compared to the left. But I don't know whether that's necessarily true.

There are squabbles and internal conflicts even within the relatively small movement of radical white supremacists - Christians against neo-pagans, patriotic groups against revolutionary groups, reformist ultra-conservatives against militant neo-Nazis. Then you get into all the divisions along the spectrum of the Right, which can be as complicated as the divisions in the Left.

Hell, it's possible that Left groups (and groups that consider themselves apart from or beyond the Left but still associate with them on occasion) are just as capable as the Right when it comes to forming coalitions or temporary alliances around certain subjects - for instance, immigration.

Beyond those coalitions based around broad subjects, I'm not sure alliances on the Left are actually possible or desirable? Can anarchists work with authoritarian socialists? Can revolutionary leftists work with reformist liberals? It might be possible within certain contexts, but it's obvious that these groups don't have the same goals nor methods in mind.
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It seems odd that even in a group that is for individual expression and determination does not accept those by others if they conflict with ideas of others.

I think there is a failure to see all approaches are vital.  There is need for radical and there is need for "conservative".   Coordination is what is lacking and the understanding different approaches can work for the same goals and can be more effective when using our energy together against the systems than in conflict with others.

Failure to understand the choices, or at least to accept them as legitimate as one's own, falls into the same concept that any person can determine the way other think and wish to live.

If we fail to move forward together, we fall into the same whirl pool of debates, conflicts, and divisions as any ineffective group.
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According to what I've heard about the anarchist space in Greece (which is, arguably, one of the most effective expressions of anarchism in modern life), most anarchists groups dislike each other - they just commit enough actions autonomously, and occasionally cooperatively, that they manage to complement each other perfectly. It allows a space for creative differences and divergences that add up to effective action.

There's obviously cooperation during important moments when theoretical and practical differences become irrelevant (such as insurrections, major economic or political summits, or incursions by fascists), but it seems that by and large, the anarchists of Greece are actually better off not all trying to get along.
The beautiful nature of anarchism is that there are a million different ways to do anarchy. Many of them aren't going to work well together. If any of us wish to move forward, I think that debates and conflicts isn't what would hinder us, but rather the idea that we /must/ do it together. If we all move forward in our own way we will likely be much happier and cover more ground - after all there is no linear progress in life, no one right way to do it.
I think that Rice Boy makes a great point, and gives a perfect example of this.