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I've read the AFAQ any recommendations?
anarchy is DIY.
have fun.
I would suggest reading something other than AFAQ.
I wouldn't join any organization that would have me as a member.

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Strange question. Intentional?  Organizations: groups, activists?
For some reason I have this notion that if 25 people came together to develop a function society based on the conditions of anarchy that such a group could change the world, but hey that is just me... and only me so far but that is one out of 25.  Anyway the offer is there.
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Well, if you really want to join an organization, I suppose there's things like the IWW, Common Struggle, or RAAN (do they do official membership?). However, it sounds like you're fairly new to anarchism, and I would strongly recommend you figure out what anarchy means for you before you go and do something like that. If you want to meet other anarchists, try looking at your local scene first. Check out things like your local indymedia, infoshops, spaces, etc. Once you've been able to discuss things with friends for a while and test the waters of where you stand, you can come back to this sort of question - though at that point, there's a good chance you won't even need to come here for an answer.
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however: the IWW isn't technically anarchist, and RAAN is a network without official membership, i.e. people wouldn't exactly 'join' it but more like start 'claiming' it or something.
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Also, anok has it right - RAAN isn't a formal organization so much as a group identity, which happens to have an online hub for communication between people who find affinity with said identity.

Definitely try to come to your own understanding about where you stand, what interests you the most, and what sort of activity you'll find the most fulfilling. Despite all anarchists agreeing on certain core tenets, you'll find that one grouping of anarchists can think and behave in wildly different ways compared to other groupings.