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All three—there's a lot of alienation in society, and boldly fulfilling our desires is a benefit of anarchy. Communal desire comes from wanting to live with others, and global change has been important from an environmental sense at least.
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But aren't we each driven more by one aspect more than another?  Doesn't that factor factor into our indivdual understanding of anarchy and our personal approach?  Is there one aspect that is more important than the others?
Maybe someone else but not me, so no and no, not for me.
the idea that those *are* three different things is misguided, afaic. we are encouraged to separate our selves (as limited to some odd corporeal/objectified/limited thing, visible as these meat sacks), by almost the entire body of western philosophy and religion.
fuck that.
So both of you agree the three are all part of one objective or vision of anarchy?  I did not understand your total response, dot.  Separate ourselves how?
we did not agree. frenzy said "all three", i said "they are not three".

separate our selves from ourselves, and from each other. the language does not allow me to be clear. also, i am overstating the point in order to make the point.
basically, english sucks.
dot,  if we separate ourselves from each other, can there be community? (I really didn't understand the meat sacks comment).  I thought you were saying all three are part of the same motivation.