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anarchy that has any requirements at all would not be anarchy...also the phrase "set of social values" implies (regardless of how laxly instilled or 'intuitive' they might seem) a standardized prioritization of values, which is automatically sketch.

the union of egoists is always cool:
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Values are not something that is required.  You can't make people have certain values.  As values change so does the world.   Or as values persist so does the perception patterns and behavior of the population.   The world is currently controlled by capitalistic / consumer mindset based on the values that support those tendencies.  

Anarchy is opposed to all of this, yet offers no concept of values for change or of transition.  Everyone has values those either keep us in a current state or bring about change.
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Hold yourself accountable or we will.
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anarchy does offer a set of values - mutual aid, direct action, the end does not justify the means (or, the end and the means are the same), etc.
and there is a history of how that has worked, and not worked, in various situations.
asking for more than that seems to me to be asking for a set of instructions. instructions do not hold up well in the world. a) they are not fluid enough, b) our enemies turn them against us, c) they become spooks.

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Aren't values the very core of anarchy:
1) real "freedom": every one should be able to determine how they should live
2) freedom from government: governments enslave people the do not serve them
3) freedom from class oppression: capitalism sustains class oriented societies
4) freedom from control: no one is boss over another
5) all stand equal

Are these not in someway values that support anarchy or are in truth supported by the conditions of anarchy