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C-Squat in NYC has/had Leftover Crack living there. ABC No Rio is now a zine library and art gallery. Most people want to keep squats "in the know" for obvious reasons i.e. they're illegal.
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since this site has to walk a line between informing curious people and informing state agents, my preference is to remove specific jargon that crosses that line. so perhaps you could edit the last two sentences of your post? (the questionner did ask for Famous Squats, which you addressed in your first sentences.)
or perhaps i'm being needlessly cautious. i will leave it to you.
dot's comment touched on the problem perfectly. C squat and ABC No Rio are the only two I know of. All the "Famous Squats" are going to be gone, as the police would probably go there and take them out. What I should have said is: the internet may not be the best place to answer that question.
thanks. :)

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