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(if at all).

As has been touched upon in numerous answers (cf. the questions and answers listed with the tag "contradictions"), anarchists exist in a world informed to a greater or lesser extent by systems that they find reprehensible. Are there benefits to holding and owning the places that they rub openly? Which ones? Why?

As some preemptive clarification, I am most interested in those that are beneficial either internally to individuals or to the larger not-anarchist world, as opposed to extra-mural between various groups or tendencies, though if you have a worthwhile answer about that, I'd welcome it, too.
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i think that not being able to relax means that we don't get ideological (ha! we! those of us who don't relax like that!), and i think that's a good thing.
(which is not to say that tense people can't be ideological. lol.)
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