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Do You Think: "WE" (or just you) will live to experience anarchy?

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I'm curious to know how people feel about how likely it is for them to experience anarchy as their "new" way of life.
asked May 2, 2012 by MollyTheAnarchist (740 points)
In the 1920s La Revue asked the question "Is the anarchist ideal realizable?" There were many folks, many notable French anarchists, who responded. The best and most relevant to this thread, was by Armand who argued that "Anarchist individualism is not an ideal, but an activity". I would argue that this does, or should, apply to anarchist who do not consider themselves individualists as well. He elaborates: "We don’t live on hypotheses or conjectures. If there is an anarchist ideal, I propose to realize all that I can of it immediately, without waiting ... doing so by associating myself with atheist, materialist, pleasure-seeking comrades, in a hurry to go full steam ahead just as I am. Everything else is a distraction or metaphysics."
Here is the full text of his response: http://chiseler.org/post/8655949186/e-armand

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I feel that I experience anarchy in my day-to-day life, in certain experiences and interactions!

But if you mean that in the sense of anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist tendencies winning out to such a degree that there's an actual, physical territory that is no longer under the influence of capital and the state - I dunno! Greece is looking pretty appealing, but then again, part of that is probably a certain degree of romanticizing and idealizing.

I set my expectations low and my hopes high.
answered May 2, 2012 by Rice Boy (8,680 points)
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"Anything could happen". When there's enough revolt, it seems like anarchy could catch on in that location.
answered May 3, 2012 by frenzy (720 points)
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One focus could be to begin to think as an anarchish.  To see that the only power government and money have over us, it not only because we give them that power but that we see that power is real.  It is not, it is only a conditioned phigment within the minds of people.  See past them and you see the world differently.
answered May 27, 2012 by afunctionalworld (2,030 points)