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...defining "answer" in whatever way suits you.
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To a big extent, it depends on what is meant by answer. For example, I think that it is extremely important when asked by someone why I am an anarchist, to be able to answer "because I think a world free of domination and social alienation is possible and desirable". It is important to be able to answer questions however you feel appropriately.

But at the same time, a lot of anarchists develop this tendency to believe that they have found the objective truth, that they have found The Answer. This is a habit which I see as not an integral part of a healthy anarchist project so when speaking of "answer" along those lines I would say no.
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Beginner anarchists naturally ask questions in order to satisfy their curiosity but eventually come to a point where answers are needed in order to come to good decisions as to how to negotiate life in a way that brings themselves and others around them less guilty feelings.
A process which hopefully leads to more contentedness and less bullshit.