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This riot was in response to a planned NSM rally and march.  The march was to be through a black hood and to ostensibly protest black gang violence.  

I've read conflicting reports on whether the rally and march happened or were canceled, but I know they were planned.  The planned march was to be unpermitted, and may or may not have happened, yet it was said to be accompanied by Toledo PD apparently because the chief of police is an actual Nazi himself.  What is known is that a riot jumped off, the police came in hard to the black hood, and the police were repelled until pig reinforcements arrived.

Fiscally poor blacks looted a grocery store and burned down a bar frequented by police and city government.  There is grainy YouTube footage of the police running over one kid in the street, the looting, the arson, and the rocks and bottles thrown at police.  There is also good footage of tear gas CLEARING THE FUCK out of the street like I've never seen at a demo.  Apparently that shit works on actual civil disturbances even if it is much less effective on professional anarchists.

It later came out that an FBI informant was an organizer of this NSM action.  He was paid ~$20,000 by the FBI and policing the riot cost an estimated $300,000.  No telling how much the arson and looting cost capital.

When the Nazis returned a few weeks later for a permitted rally they were outnumbered 4:1 by counter-demonstrators.  Nazis + counter-demonstrators were outnumbered 3:1 by federal, state, and local authorities said to number 700.  There were ~20 arrests of counter-demonstrators; no arrests of Nazi who were bussed in an out by the authorities.  Toledo was described as being in a state of martial law for the day and the right of public assembly was restricted for two weeks after this.

These incidents, taken together, are an interesting scene of antifa action in the US and I'd like to know more of the story.  Wikipedia makes it clear that antifa and anarchists were involved to some extent, and I'd like to hear about the efforts to organize the proles of color against these Nazi fucks.  I'd also like to hear more about the opposition black community managers made to antifa organizing and how those attempts at management were overcome/subverted.
This is a really good question that I wish I could answer. I'm not sure why it's been downvoted...

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