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If there is one thing anarchists can agree on (and even that is a big if sometimes) its an opposition to the state. In your analysis where does the state end and state actors begin? Do you draw the line at all? To phrase the question another way, to what degree are the humans who make up institutions separable from the institutions themselves?
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i see the state as an abstraction. i see state actors as concrete individuals acting on behalf of that abstraction toward its aims of ever increasing power and control.

probably not as deep an answer as the question warrants, but that was my gut response.
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"i see state actors as concrete individuals acting on behalf of that abstraction"

Does the individual have to intentionally act on behalf of the state to be a state or actor, or does unintentional action also count?

in my view, an individual acting on behalf of the state is a state actor in that behavior, regardless of their intent. however, context is everything. i see a huge difference between someone who inadvertently acts in a way that benefits state power, and one who consciously chooses to support/impose state power as a matter of course, eg cops, politicians, military, snitches, etc.

does that sufficiently answer your question?

Yeah, thanks!