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I read on a comment on that "there is an egoist newspaper" or maybe even "there are two egoist newspapers."  Is that true?

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The papers in question are "The Sovereign Self" from Tacoma's Highwayman Press, and "My Own: Self-Ownership and Self-Creation against all Authority" which is being published by Apio Ludd. That said, there are trends of egoist thinking that run through several publications, most notably in North America, AJODA.

While I haven't seen "My Own" yet, I am looking forward to doing so. "The Sovereign Self" has published 4 (with 5 due just about any time) issues, and is improving with each. Most issues contain pieces by the (presumed) editors, as well as contributions from others, and biographic sketches of egoist thinkers, as well as reprints of their work. The papaer is printed in an offset press with really nice spot color to it.

Recent years have seen a resurgence of interest in individualist/egoist thought, and I for one have definitely found myself, if not identifying as an egoist, most certainly finding affinity with that tendency, though, interestingly, I've yet to actually get through "The Ego & It's Own."

Part of what I find affinity with is the egoist discomfort with formal organizations and the way group needs frequently are prioritized over individual in the name of "unity." I very much like acting with others, but am always wary when people talk about organizing, about building infrastructure, and so forth. In my own experience, the more organization and infrastructure, the less I feel at home in a group.

I think the focus on the individual, and the absolute prioritizing of the individual over the group is what separates anarchism from other anti-capitalist strains of thought, and why I personally view anarchism as apart from the left.
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There is also an individualist @ paper out of Alaska, worth checking out: Anchorage Anarchy. Contact info: Bad