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Her speeches drew crowds wherever she went in the United States. Certainly her articulate use of English is clear in her writings, but one can be a good writer and lack oration skills. I wonder if there was some quality in the way she spoke that contributed to her fame. I've heard re-enactors portraying Emma do it with an imitation accent, but don't know if there's reason to suppose she had a detectably thick accent to her contemporaries.
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Here is a clip from late in her life, assess for yourself:


Her accent at that point was not particularly thick, though certainly noticable. She also clearly knew a thing or two about voice projection and public oration, judging by how she enunciates and the tone she uses. What I like most is that she was clearly extremely quick-witted with her responses, sharp, intelligent, and concise.

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Also, stick through the middle or skip to the end for her rapid-fire answers.
Still sharp toward the end of life! Thanks, that was great.
I love that clip!

"Beautiful country, minus Mussolini."

I remember hearing another clip from a speech of hers a few years ago; can't find it right now unfortunately.