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How can I find out about local protests, meet-ups or direct action? I want to get involved in my area but have no idea where to find out if there are going to be protests or any other sort of activities. Any suggestions on how to find these things out? A website or anything? (I live in Salt Lake City Utah btw.)

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Your best bet is the Boing! Anarchist Collective which is open every day, at 608 S 500 E.

Salt Lake Anarchist Black Cross might be active:

Food Not Bombs is active:

And there's an active free school:

That last site has events & calendar listings. But as far as I know there's nothing very effective set up for communicating about demonstrations and other events in SLC. It would be a good idea for people in different places who have some tech skills to set up more sites like pugetsoundanarchists.org which can accept user-created content and take over for the defunct indymedia sites. Still, nothing substitutes for the streets--postering, leafleting, graffiti, stickers, banners, etc--when it comes to building anarchist presence in a city and getting people linked up.
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You might be able to get a new Indymedia site up. The folks at irc.indymedia.org:6697 are generally pretty helpful

Based on your recommendations i made this wiki-page: http://wiki.infoshop.org/Anarchist_Neighborhood:Salt_Lake_City