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Say that people are able to occupy their workplaces and wherever successfully. Inevitably the forces of the state (military, police, etc.) will come after them. If they decide to use weapons, particularly biological and nuclear, how would they be dealt with?

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Can you post an actual answer to this question instead of a one word comment?  I know, its obnoxious, but it also appears to be the guideline for this website.
no. because this question if answered any more specifically would potentially be giving information that should not be talked about in public.
your downvote has been noted.
also - perhaps you haven't read the "about us" page for this site, which mentions (among other things) that answers should not just consist of links.
That is a bullshit answer.  You sure we can just post one word answers or just you?  This seems like a shitty website with stupid rules.
"...should not be talked about in public"  sounds a bit like the Pentagon speaking.  So tired of people talking as though there is some secret military master plan for the revolution.  Perhaps just a self-inflated way of saying "I don't actually know".
I don't see erring on the side of secrecy and face-to-face organizing in this regard as necessarily a problem given the context of the last decade and a half of repression toward anarchists and direct action "environmentalists". In mine I didn't reveal anything that the military theorists haven't already told the public, but I can see how someone could perceive this question as dangerous to us if stated in certain ways.
"some secret military master plan for the revolution."
no gods, no master plans...
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Effectively? An open source insurgency embodying fourth generation warfare principles, practiced by leaderless cells and networked communities.
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Upvoted all three answers, as I think that taken together they pretty much lay it out.