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Is there a specifically @ist take on the dilemma of school shootings and other student-caused murders in schools, as to observations, possible causes and solutions, etc.?
dot your comment doesnt make sense unless you mean agoraphobia or encholophobia or whatever social anxiety you have with lots of people. with or without some ocd or ptsd. then that would make sense to have homicidal thoughts in situations where you've not be given the option of free association or in a crowded mess. would these exist without mass population? likely not as much. claustrophobia has less of a social aspect and more with enclosed spaces like a cave or airplane. there maybe people around but the people likely aren't the cause of your anxiety if claustrophobic.

cumpulsory schooling fails to take into account the areas where cumpolsory schooling is not enforced or doesnt exist and the school shooting is done by older people. in the USA school is cumpulsory and stop going to school can cause problems for  parents from csp.

how is dilemma being defined?

edit: "jz has been highlighting events like mass shootings"

are you people meaning jay z or talking in code?

georgie: "stop going to school can cause problems for  parents from csp."

well, yeah....anything that goes against the hierarchical institutions can cause problems....but the question asked for an anarchist perspective...and i think one could still pull it off with a little creativity.

fyi...jz = john zerzan

I have a dream of making a zine called JZ vs JayZ where the two engage in a dialectic.
i love it!

i once called jz jay-z, and he didn't even notice. (end steven wright impression)
funky, thanks for the upvote of appreciation... :)

skyline....i focused on the school part over the shooting part because the question mentioned schools and students a few times, and shootings only once....and, probably more so because i tend to focus on schools a lot in my criticism and anger toward the state institutions, since i see the compulsory school system as the first and perhaps most important tool of the state in order to keep the ideology of authority humming.

i meant my short comment/answer more as an individual "solution" than a grand one....i don't see compulsory school going away any time soon, and i don't know what would "solve" the bigger problem with certainty. i do know that i would help any young person who wanted to get out of school in any way that i could, and i denounce the institution of "education" as often as i can. :)

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