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I'm still currently studying all the school of thought anarchist groups and I was just curious if there was a page that has a simple description or perhaps someone could give a simple description of each one.

I know there's Wikipedia but something more simple like one sentence or two so I can get a general idea on what each one means.
hard to say whether such a list is complete or not. but this question and thread might be helpful to you--


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Simple answer: no there isn't. There are as many different "types" of anarchism as there are individual anarchists. And even anarchists who could be said to ascribe to the same "school" of anarchist thought don't necessarily agree on the particulars. For all I know, there may be a list out there somewhere that tries to put itself off as exhaustive, but I would argue that any attempt to quantify and categorize the different types of anarchism is ultimately doomed to failure - which is precisely as it should be.

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