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I am new to ideas of anarchy.

Can anarcho- syndicalism be both a means and an end goal?

What would replace the courts, police and prisons in such a society?
I hope someone more familiar with anarcho-syndicalism can address the particulars of this.

As I understand anarcho-syndicalism there are some distinct differences with anarcho-communism. Where as a-c is based on the idea of everything being communized and evenly distributed, a-s is based on workers at particular points of production working collectively and in collective effort with other workers at other points of production. I am not sure if the distinction is clear, which is why this is a comment.

Also, if you gave an anarcho-syndicalist and an anarcho-communist a knife and told them they had to fight it out for their ideology, they'd probably end up being friends and being executed by the cheka, but that is anecdotal.

If you recently discovered the idea of anarchy, perhaps focusing on your last question..."What would replace the courts, police and prisons in such a society?" will help more than trying to relate other "isms" (syndicalism, communism).....

because anarchy (without other qualifiers) implies the absence, disregard, or destruction of those coercive institutions....a way of relating without a prescription for "replacing" authoritarian systems.

ingrate, i want to upvote your reply!

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You can be anything you want to be. The only time you need to ask whether you can "be" anything else is when there's some intellectual/authority who tells you that you can't,

To me, anarcho-communism and anarcho-syndicalism are pretty similar, the only difference being that anarcho-sydicalism was a name given to a specific type of unionizing in a specific period of history based on anarchism.
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my understanding is that anarchosyndicalism is about a way to organize, and has little to do with a post-revolutionary vision (except, of course, in the way that the means creates the ends). so yes, anarchosyndicalists don't have to be anarchocommunists.
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