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I've read from The Anarchist Library that anarchists would most likely have someone banished instead of imprisoned, but since almost every piece of earth is now owned, what would we do?
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murder. or, more realistically, kick them out of said community and let them be someone else's problem.

there are a lot of variables that make it impossible (at least for me, at least today) to answer this question, but I think if you peruse previously asked questions, you will find you aren't alone in being worried about such things.
most likely, i wouldn't feel the need to do anything about most of the "offenses" that land people in prison today.

and for the situations where  i probably would desire to take some sort of action, i couldn't tell you with much certainty what i'd do (or want to do) until it happened (to me, or to people or places or creatures i care about).

one could likely conjure up as many "alternatives" to prison as the particular circumstances, people, and places involved in any given conflict.

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