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Okay let's say someone was driving drunk and they hit someone on the side of the road, killing them. What would happen to the driver? Would he get banished or what?
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a. it wouldn't be an anarchist state. it would be an anarchist area.

b. there are many questions here about crime and punishment, and how they would be addressed in an anarchist scenario/situation. you might want to search for the tag "crime," etc. the answers run in the direction of... it would depend on specifics.

the premise here being that there is not a generalizable "drunk driver" who hits "somebody". there is a person with a name and a history and relationships, and those would come into play when people were deciding what to do with this person.

also, i'm fond of rats.
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jeez, apparently there's a lot of hate towards rats and mud going on in anarcho-land--?