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Many anarchists seem to have a problem with sociology because it studies humans in terms of group phenomenon, what's your opinion on sociology?

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as the study of "social behavior", i think sociology can have relevance to any social being (which i think we probably all are, to varying extents). as an anarchist who leans more towards an individualist perspective, i find that sociological perspectives (and studies) tend to perpetuate and enforce the idea that pre-defined, static groups are the way humans do and should organize and interact; the individual is but a cog, the machine (society, social groupings) is of paramount importance. 

this is in much the same way that i find some feminist perspectives to perpetuate and enforce the very gender divisions (and hierarchies) that are supposedly being challenged. it may not be intentional, but it seems fairly clear to me.

i guess it would boil down to how the field is approached. anthropology is a great example of a field of study that can be quite interesting, but is far too often used as a tool for supporting one's ideological perspective on human history, evolution and behavior. if it is approached as "big S" science, i have no interest. if it is approached as an exercise in (subjective) observation and analysis, cool.

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