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the "fuck it" argument is more or less what people argue when they don't think people around them should be talking about politics, or think that people shouldn't try to do anything to change the world and just "live their lives".

I ask this because it seems that a lot of anarchists and political activists think that people just aren't doing enough to try to change the world/bring about a revolution/fight people in power.

As for me, as an egoist first and foremost, i sympathize with the argument for apathy about "politics" but can't help but taking interest in it, but feel rather powerless to do anything.

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In relation to community-building, movement building, or other forms of politics as a "project" -- "fuck it" seems like a justified response (although maybe it would be more to the point to say why these endeavors are detrimental).  But that doesn't mean, for me, that it would be possible to just live one's life, since inevitably one is imbricated in various kinds of conflict, seeing as everyday life in capitalism is tantamount to warfare, whether or not you're consciously aiming to "change things."
Sad but true.

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Well, I've had the "fuck it" argument attitude about a lot of things which I don't think matters.  But I am not as pessimistic about politics as some.  I think change is very difficult but I think it is possible if enough people want the change.  I attempt to start revolutions in the minds of those who do think about things.  I think it is true that the system we have is corrupt to the core and by participating in it we strengthen it; however, it seems to me, that the only way to fight it is to present alternative ways of thinking about how we live.  

While I do not feel good about participating in the system I believe and hope that, as we participate, we evolve into something better and better as time goes on.  I think we go up and down in the political evolution.  Sometimes we evolve into something better politically and sometimes we  devolve.  (as the rock band Devo tried to express in their name.) Anyway, I think we should vote for those closest to our position and try to move our communities closer to a more anarchist way of life.

Challenge the indoctrination.

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It's justified. Politics is a tool designed to divide. It is rigged, outdated and designed to suck your life out of people.

EDIT: I'll shorten my answer here but want to add one other thing.

You aren't powerless. The political system isn't the only way to change things. In fact it shouldn't be in the first place.

That is the first step to fighting people in power: you divorce yourself from them as much you can. Politics doesn't have a monopoly on changing the world, neither should it. You have alternatives.
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