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I'm trying to remember a term I once saw mentioned, years ago, that appeals to me a lot. Maybe you can help. Here is what I remember about it:

-I feel like that I read it in some sort of insurrectionary @ essay, but that they were borrowing it from a more Marxist context.

-I think it was a relatively old term - my sense is that it must have been used more in an era w/ lots of violent social movements in Europe.

-I'm almost sure that it was from French, although then again it could just as well have been Spanish or Italian.

-the word means: a suspension of critique during a moment of revolutionary activity. (suspending critique of yourself/your allies/your praxis, not critique of the structures you oppose). I like the imperiousness of having a word for this, which is why I'd like to remember.
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not ringing any bells for me, sorry.

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