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Have any anarchists tried to describe meditation and the proper way to do it?

I don't know the answer to your question. I do know several anarchists who practice Buddhism, though I am not sure that they have written on this subject. Some takes that might be of interest to anarchists (while not explicitly anarchist) might include Noah Levine's work (Against the Stream and The Heart of the Revolution in particular).

I am inquiring with a friend of this tendency and will get back to you, or encourage them to respond here.


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alexandra david-neel might be enjoyable to explore...but what exactly constitutes meditation? :-)

going by what i've seen you post you might really like this, even if not on meditation per se...

i like the question, btw.

Here is what my friend offered - neither is a guide to mediation (for that, I would suggest the appendices of the Noah Levine books), but perhaps these are helpful? "It's interesting, I know people who are interested in both anarchism and meditation but I haven't seen much formally written on the topic. All I know of is this Gary Snyder essay:"

..and this:

"...but what exactly constitutes meditation?"

that's exactly what the problem is...does it mean just sittitng/standing/laying in one place and breathing? From all that I've read, it only makes sense to be meditative about everything you do

seeing a psychotherapist that practices mindfulness has helped me a lot, she challenged a lot of my ideas that were rooted in the self-importance of my thoughts. Mindfulness in general as a way of thinking has been really good for me, but i still don't really understand how to meditate. Sometimes staying in one place and focusing on my breath helps, but my mind always wanders so quickly....but for now doing things and keeping myself from getting distracted from other urges and thoughts seems to be helpful
Have you tried any guided meditations? There are a lot online with varying degrees of guidance, and a lot of beginners meditation groups will have some amount of guidance. One can find stuff that is not very mired in the religiosity of the Tibetan-style Buddhism. You might also want to try some walking or eating meditation (there should be instructions online somewhere?).

Zen Buddhism sometimes meditates on a Koan (, which could probably be done while just going about your day. Never tried this, so if you do, let me know how it goes.

Sometimes I've found taking a minute to reflect on things in the moment (frustrations, pain, fears - I am less good at doing so during moments of joy, ecstacy or anger, as I am too caught up in the moment). I've also had some experiences of action on the street that have felt almost meditative; times when things are so intense that I find myself very aware of everything around me, the combination of exhilaration and fear, the experience of moving in a group together.
im starting to approach meditation again, i look forward to trying all the different methods. I entered a meditative state yesterday just from reading part of a book on meditation. I like some guided meditations, there 's this one called "wheel of awareness" on youtube that's really good, but for some of them i just space out
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lol but impossible to meditate to...i tried!

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