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how many loaded terms can one put in a question?
one would have more efficient weapons and better alarm systems than the lazy?

"the lazy" - that part cracks me up.

and efficient doesn't mean the opposite of lazy anyway. far from it, in my book.

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you love these new fonts, and you chose comic sans. your are my kind of troll, baa.

lol, i don't understand why dry humor is so funny

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More efficient at what? Producing a surplus of something?

I'm not sure why anyone would produce a surplus of anything unless they planned to give it away, and on the other hand, I'm not sure how a "lazy" person would claim anything that wasn't given to them.
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Anarchic principles ought to first allow us to rethink the notion of "efficiency." Currently, of course, what is "efficient" is often very precisely being better equipped to live off the labor of others. Anarchist "efficiency" will probably involve something very different, like reducing the difficulties of living together without law and government. Once we disentangle ourselves from capitalist principles, we'll also probably have to rethink that whole notion of "the fruits of our labor," which is useful distinction to make when productive efforts and rights to consume are so obviously out of balance, but which will undoubtedly need some more examination once our focus shifts from what the capitalists take from us to how we share among ourselves. Production tends to be social, if only because it depends on a shared social and technological base. The first great anarchist "efficiency" will probably be eliminating the massive expropriation conducted by capitalism and government, and our first adjustment to it will probably be a certain relaxation about our share of a much-increased common wealth. Then that process of learning what mix of individual and collective focus lets us get on with really living will begin in earnest.

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