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the people who have the strongest opinions on the matter generally know the least about it. bunch of fucking charlatans on both sides of the coin
As the others have indicated, the topic of technology is hotly contested. The discussion of the issue can tend toward a simplistic pro/anti dualism. There can be some critical insights in anarchist thinking about tech, but I believe we're still scratching the surface. This article by Uri Gordon considers the polar anarchist views on tech, and some middle ground: . Ran Prieur is a blogger influenced by anti-civ analysis, but an independent thinker on the issue of technology. Other anarchists that have discussed technology: Kropotkin, Sam Dolgoff, John Zerzan, David Watson, Murray Bookchin, Andrew Flood, Fredy Perlman, Peter L. Wilson (Hakim Bey), William Gillis, and surely many more.

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some of the answers to the question on scientists ( ) is also appropriate here.

some anarchists believe that technology is theoretically neutral, and that appropriate societies will develop appropriate technology. this definition of technology is basically no different from that for tools (things that people use to solve problems).
other people, including many green anarchists (and all primitivists) see technology as one of the ways of formulating the problems that technology is then supposed to solve... ie there is a deeper philosophical challenge to the culture, a reciprocity between things and processes and people...

that said, i am obviously biased towards the latter position. so perhaps someone who is not will also have a go at answering this.
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It is too bad that so much of the conversation on this site comes from the anti-civ & post left world, even though that is where my affinities lay. Every time I say I can't speak for every anarchist, I am hoping someone with a different perspective will offer their own (even if in my opinion it is probably wrong).

On the other hand, I'd probably get really bored with this site if it was dominated by syndicalists or something.
yea, sindicalist domination would suck, but i agree it would be nice to have more diversity. arguments are fun!