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If so , how so?  Try to think of 5 main aspects that the design would be based upon.
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Is this not possible or just not desired?
neither. the kind of society you posit is the same kind of society that utopianists have been working on for ages. i don't want to fit into some design. i don't want what someone else thinks is dignified, or healthy, or comfortable, or safe, or diverse. i want to figure out my own shit, and be around other people who are also figuring stuff out, so that i can learn from them, and that will never be safe, rarely be dignified or comfortable, etc.
people use these words (as well as respect, honor, trust, etc) like they mean something. in practice, all they usually mean is that someone else is in control.
Why cant a world work as you say, " to figure out my own shit, and be around other people who are also figuring stuff out, so that i can learn from them."  Not where we tell each other what that is?  Everyone should be able to decide how they want to live, but why not have a condition and communty that facilitates that.  We don't need a perfect world just one that functions.    

Function is not about control, instead it is about facilitating choices.  Function is not about slavery but about cooperation by choice where all parties benefit together.  Or to be outside of that cooperation according to whatever conviction, desires, or values you have.  You seem ot have left out the word diversity.  Isn't that what you are talking about?  Diverse and lateral.  Aren't those the grounds of anarchy?
you asked if there could be a design that all could experience in the same way (it doesn't matter what ways you're talking about, safe, diverse, whatever).
it isn't possible, and when people have tried to do these things, they have usually created horrible situations, where the residents or citizens are to be controlled so that everyone feels the same way.
"We don't need a perfect world just one that functions. "

you probably ought to define "functions" in this context, because the current world actually does function - however fucked up you or i may see its functioning.

"... instead it is about facilitating choices."

i guess my question would be: whose choices are being facilitated, and by who(m)?
actually i forgot to mention my main point: any "design" would be somehow prescriptive (or if not, please explain how). social and left anarchists may be into that, but i surely am not.
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You cannot guarantee anything but in theory yes even now for the vast majority all of those are theoretically possible to a far larger extent than they are.

Research a natural law/RBE for a viable anarchist design. (although there are a number of precursors highlighted below)

The technology exists for the most part, it is mostly down to a change in the value system of humanity and this relies on the population becoming reliably educated and well informed, this will allow for technologically enabled anarchy, humanity would have to have a value system change, and no longer be dominated by primal urges and behaviours and the systems this mindset creates and propogates, only then could change towards anarchic systems be viable and could potentially happen organically.
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