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I'm curious about this because disavowing one's family and social identity are not easy tasks, especially when you have a lot to lose. I was going to ask about rich anarchists but then we get into a problem of deciding what a rich person is.

The only person i can think of was peter kropotkin, who supposedly ran away in a heroic fashion from a czarist family in russia. Do most of the anarchists you know tend to be either kind of poor or of upper-middle class background? That seems to be the norm for american anarchists.
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according to his (ex?) partner, kevin tucker (black and green review, jz acolyte) comes from money.

i have also met some young (er than me) anarchists whose sense of entitlement makes me suspect they come from money.

I remember from partially reading from two biographies on Kropotkin I downloaded awhile ago that he stopped calling himself a Prince when he was like 13-14 after his tutor was telling him about how nobility in France were dropping their titles during the French Revolution. This was around the same time he was one of Tsar Alexander II butlers pageboys. I don't believe he ever renounced his nobility.

His father wanted him to pursue a military career, but he wanted to go to university. His father would've cut him off if he didn't and Pete-a-roo had no way to support himself, so he applied for a military commission in Siberia. After he got back Siberia he could support himself, and is when he stopped giving a shit about his father's expectations and enrolled in University of St. Petersburg.

He began his evolution into an anarchist when he was between 25-30 years old. When his father died, him and his two brothers inherited enough that they could've maybe lived off of if they wanted to. Unfortunately for Petey, the Tsarist authorities took his inheritance when they arrested him and would only give it back if he stopped his subversive activities.  The only time he ran away from something that i'm aware of is escaping from a prison hospital and fled to England

Mikhail Bakunin is from Russian nobility. His father was a Baron or something similar to a Baron. Alexander Herzen is also from Russian nobility. It's slim pickings trying to find biographies for those two. There's another Russian anarchist that was from an aristocrat family, but I forget his name. It's that christian pacifist guy.

So that is super neat. I mean my text-wall that's mostly not related to your question is super neat. Did you know that if you took every giraffe in the world and stacked them on top of each other, that they wouldn't like that much?

I don't really know any anarchists except for...

thanks zubaz for clearing that one up through your love of history...i've noticed through all my studies of modern people that the american elite is so incredibly fucking rich that they rarely consider such a thing as un-hierarchy and total lawlessness, yet there was this one guy who called his philosophy anarcho-capitalism and wrote books for profit, pretty sure that was rothbard. And hey...we're still learning from him i guess...
Thanks. It's the power of autism and interest in history of all kinds of stuff, like the history of toilet paper. Apparently early christians felt washing the butt after taking a #2 was defiling the body.

Anyways, the guy I was think of was Leo Tolstoy. His family were aristocrats and people say he was a anarchist.

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