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This is certainly a very philosophically complex body of thought that was popular at one point in the anarchist scene...I read "concious organ of the imaginary committee" a long time ago, it seems to one of many anarchist bodies of thought that praises hostility, and tiqqun in particular seemed to praise mass shootings ect.

I really liked "preliminary materials for the theory of the young girl", as a description of the beautiful, youthful, young girl being a big part of modern capitalism.
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I think that I finished a [whatever, zine(?) essay(?) pamphlet(?)] that a study-group published following their analysis of "Young Girl."

I remember the uneasiness in the authors' words. As if young girls are fragile!

But I can understand not wanting to add to the weight of patriarchy in discussing the power and responsibility that a young girl might possess.

"Victim-blaming" is... confusing. And I have never appreciated terms such as "survivor," as if trauma is behind oneself, left like a thing near a one-way path. "Survivor" is also culturally-loaded within the feminist discourse. There are many please for Reproduction Workers to not equate the amount of suffering one survives as a sign of strength. This has many (if uncountable) consequences. I will list consequences of this "burdening-praise" that either I personally have felt or that I've heard in other stories.

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haha! got you! I bet you can feel it too :)

ANYWAY, about money.

I read in a book that I can't seem to figure out how to site because my memories of it seem to be so different than what is in the pages! wtf?

But there was a story in this book about a vintage porn magazine pushing a PR campaign that victimized men. The audience wasn't super-poor. They were wealthy enough to keep domestic managers on the premises at all times. The men would go to a professional-place, do whatever they did, and then come home and allocate funding for the management of the household.

For whatever reason, this vintage porn magazine really got-off telling these men that the domestic managers were riding high on the hog, so to speak. Really rolling in that dirty, dirty good life while the men toiled in professional-land.

There was a machine to wash-dishes! There was a machine to wash-clothes! FUCKING HELL, they might even have bought the time of a mother to care for their own children.

What was that domestic-manager doing?!?!?!?!?!

I mean, this was the age of space-exploration! Nuclear bombs and grids! The Oil-to-Food Revolution!

Get with the program, guys. sheesh.


PS: make-up literally smells bad and has killed a lot of life

just saying
discussing weakness, strength, fragility, seems kinda rediculous to me since all humans are made of soft flesh...

in the preliminary materials for theory of the young girl, it seems to be talking more about the young girl as being a cultural icon that influences everyone's thinking, which was the interesting part, not the whole thing about victimization and sensitivity ect.
This is an interesting question because I know Tiqqunism/IC has had an affect on my own anarchism, but it is sort of indiscernable. There are definitely anarchists geographically close to me who are really clearly very influenced by those Frenchies, but not so much for myself. I liked Appel, and I liked To Our Friends. I am slowly (like when I don't see another book I'd rather read) getting through Theory of Bloom, but mostly because I read Theory of the Young Girl, and a few other things by other folks, and was like, "I should read Theory of Bloom," not because I wanted to.
the thing i remember about theory of bloom is that they talk about the man without qualities...i read all this stuff because the first couple years i was reading LBC books i literally read EVERYTHING that you all published.

seems like the beauty of the tiqqun writings is the complexity of it, i have a couple other books i bought from them that I haven't read yet, i found one by "the imaginary committee" in a normal bookstore in dc which suprised me.
ingrate: what were the conversations centered around in the anarchist scene echo-chamber? You talking about this was actually the inspiration for posting this question, maybe i should have asked this in the comment on the thread...
On my phone, so typos are inevitable. It is hard for me to say exactly. I know how it manifests recently here in the pnw, but when tci came out there was a new crop of anarchists who were largely younger than me, but were suddenly pushing a much more conflictual thing that was clearly a distinctly different wave from the previous i@ tendency which was exemplified in A Murder of Crows and endless reprints of At Daggers Drawn, Armed Joy, and Feral Revolution. I first new about it when a friend from Left Bank Books mentioned that the kids were into some obscure french theory. I had been reading appel in ajoda, but didn't realize the overlap, and i wasn't really hanging with those anarchists at that time.

There is also a definite aesthitic influence i've observed on the strugglismo set, though i suspect they'd chafe at me saying as much.

Would someone mind filling me in on what the heck "tiqqunism" is? frown

Dude...I have no fucking clue
Well, you at least have one up on me. This is the first time I've even heard the term. I've read a lot of "obscure French theory" (as ingrate calls it) but you all are referencing titles of writings that I've never even heard of, much less taken the time to read. Having zero context for this conversation, I don't have a whole lot to offer. However, my initial knee-jerk reaction based solely on what others here have said is that a small subset of young anarchists in the United States probably got excited after reading some post-structuralist theory and decided to build a subcultural ideology around it.
MD you are a lesson to us all.

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aside from what ingrate said, there are three circles, in atlanta, new york, and oakland, that are heavily based on a (mis) interpretation of the invisible committee, and each of them has some sort of business as their central focus (in oakland it's a cafe). the misinterpretation is that the invisible committee is about appealing to normal people, whereas the u.s. attempts aim at hipsters and draw on anarchists. so i guess that's an impact on life for a few people...
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special French philosopher cafes have no impact on my life, but I am really sorry for those who are impacted. Maybe the US tiqqunistas should take up love-making and railroad-sabotaging?
which cafe in oakland is that? and are there projects in atlanta and ny?

"special French philosopher cafes have no impact on my life, but I am really sorry for those who are impacted."

Personally, I'm more ambivalent about the whole idea. Having nothing like this in my area, a large part of me thinks it might be kinda cool to have a place where I could go hang out and have thought-provoking discussions with people who are interested in many of the same theorists that I am. On the other hand, an equally large part of me is pained by the fact some people are using this as an excuse to build yet another "scene."

dot, could you explain what you mean by hipsters to provide context? Thanks!
i'm not remembering names of things off the top of my head, so i'll edit this when i remember, but the project in new york did things like DIY sauerkraut workshops, and sold pour-over coffees, and made videos that appealed to jaded yet youthful sensibilities. it's also the combination of trying to appeal to woke folks with spending cash while reflecting a white young urban aesthetic...

and one of the earliest people is someone who has been explicitly trying to appeal to hip folks for a decade (and make anarchists hip, back when he was into anarchists). so there's a genealogy there...

edit: the name of the project is woodbine, and here is a link to a video they made
https://anarchistnews.org/content/video-resolution , so, judge for yourself.

edited again to move the comma, so the link works.