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for what it's worth, post-anarchism is academic-speak for post left-anarchism. i.e. it's mostly academics defining anarchism as what it was 50+ years ago, and so all the things that have happened since then (moving away from anarcho-communism, federalism, etc, growing influence of  nietzsche and stirner, etc) they label as post-anarchist.

de acosta is always a good read.


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I think the term post-anarchism used to have more currency than it does now. There was a book, for example - Post-Anarchism: A Reader - which has pieces by a bunch of different people and could be a good starting point. I only remember it vaguely, which doesn't necessarily mean it's not a compelling book. It seemed like some of the most well known people associated with this were Duane Rousselle, Simon Critchley, Saul Newman, who has another book about it, and Lewis Call. The other things I know about for this are the journal Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies, and the book The Anarchist Turn, which is based on a conference at the New School.

The other part of your question (post-structuralism in general) is both easier and harder for me to answer. Easier because I care more about it; harder because it's such a vast topic that I would have to guess at what your interest is and what would be helpful to recommend. So: say more about what you're up to.
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