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Will they be handing the info over to the cops?
'cause fuck the organizers of the SF anarchist bookfair. those guys are serious jerks.

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this is a really good question, one that you have presumably answered yourself with your tags.
that said, here are the possibilities that i can see:
1) they were forced to do something along these lines by some legal recourse taken by either keith herself (the pie-ee), the cops, or her publishers (perhaps regarding insurance for the space, or some such bureaucratic nightmare)
2) it's a prank post by someone unrelated (and has yet to be noticed by any of the bookfair organizers who could refute it)
3) it's a post by one of the bookfair organizers who perhaps likes keith and got carried away and is too proud to back up now
4) it's fucking stupid and there is no excuse for it
5) all of the above
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Because that book fair is sketchy as hell.

As to why the pieing occurred in the first place, our answer can be found in Nietzsche:

"A diet that consists predominantly of rice leads to the use of opium and narcotics, just as a diet that consists predominantly of potatoes leads to the use of liquor. But it also has subtler effects that include ways of thinking that have narcotic effects. This agrees with the fact that those who promote narcotic ways of thinking and feelings, like some Indian gurus, praise a diet that is entirely vegetarian and would like to impose that as a law upon the masses. In this way they want to create and increase the need that they are in a position to satisfy"
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If "why" is asking for justification, I don't have anything to say about it . . . but if it's asking about cause and effect, then I suppose it's a sign -- like the pieing itself -- of the breakdown of anarchist community.
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Feel free to pie someone you _do_ know.  Is the result different?

Don't be sorry!  Please tell me -- the literary critic, the idiot -- what you think pieing "could be," and for whom.
i have given you plenty of information. thanks anyway.
I read this conversation in tiny print on my phone, and thought for the longest time that it was about Peeing on people's faces. Now that issue would definitely have warranted all the metaphors about decapitation and tongue severing and the positing of the Pee-ee's identity as {S|√-0} and all that stuff rich kids still do in Humanities. It was disappointing to find out it was just pie {S|√~:(}
just to add to this - someone i know was pied at the houston @bookfair a couple years ago. he was pied by people who knew him and worked with him. he laughed at it, although i'm sure his feelings were hurt a little, and took it for what it was worth, which is to be (as far as i'm concerned) a pricking of an inflated image (either of the person for themselves, or of other people for them).
that was an appropriate and laudable response. and if anything made people like him more.

(fwtw, three years later.
some people just can't let things go!)
I lived in a place where filthy amoral crustLords actually literally Peed on each other on a daily basis, and thus my sense of proportion will always be distorted. I really like Pie a lot, so that's another bias.