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Anarchist analyses of contemporary art or anarchist art theory or anarchist aesthetics?

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Any sources, or your own thoughts?
asked Jan 21, 2014 by formyinformation (2,440 points)
emma goldman wrote reviews of pieces of fiction.
this question (?) is quite brief!

those are my thoughts.  ;)
Thanks dot. It's to the point.. not sure what else I would add? Just curious about what anarchists have contributed to aesthetics.

I totally missed this somehow: http://anarchy101.org/3763/writings-anarchist-anti-capitalist-resistence-aesthetics

It didn't pop up in the related questions plugin...
I can't speak to the quality of much of this stuff, but if you are interested in the intersections of art and anarchy Alan Antliff has written about this. Also, folks who have been connected with the Surrealist scene (particularly the Chicago Surrealists - Penelope and Franklin Rosemont, Ron Sakolsky). Also, like dot said, Emma.

Anarchist Developments in Culture Studies did an issue on Art and Anarchy: http://littleblackcart.com/Anarchist-Developments-in-Cultural-Studies-2.2011.html

You might find some stuff here: http://theanarchistlibrary.org/topics/art
or in The Anvil Review (http://theanvilreview.org/) that would be of interest (I highly recomend The Anvil, though it might not quite be what you are looking for).

Oh, and it is worth revisiting the Situationists, even if they weren't anarchists.
"what anarchists have contributed to aesthetics and art theory" is helpful.

yes, the tagging on this site is woefully inadequate. :(

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