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How is crime delt with by anarchists in an anarchist society?

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This is something that people always bring up when I mention that I am anarchist to them.  I always tell them that we, as the people, deal with it as a whole.  I just want to know specific ways of which we would go about dealing with it and the outcome of dealing with it. Also, it can be any scenario that you guys come up with: murder, rape, etc.
asked Apr 8, 2013 by anarchopunkster (200 points)
We as free creatures have the natural right to defense. Not only self-defense, but defense in general. If you are too weak to defend yourself, there are others who could help defend you. Anarchy isn't about chaos or survival of the fittest. Though it is closer to survival of the fittest than what we have now. Everyone should learn to defend themselves. That would be the smart thing to do. If you don't, then you aren't being responsible with your own life so you may suffer natural consequences for it. But In an anarchist society you wouldn't be alone. Other people or organizations could and would defend the weak. Whether it is a person, a group of people, charity police force, or free-market police force. People would tend to stick together as a group in a free society. It is a natural instinct for protection. Vigilante justice would prevail. Vigilante justice could scare people more than government justice today. I'm sure chaos would still exist. But even today we have chaos. At least anarchy is a philosophy of peace and freedom while government is about control which requires violence.
Fuck volunteer police forces, private police forces, and "vigilante justice".

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No laws , no crime. No fear, no harm. Peace of mind is the only anarchist law. Universal peace of mind and conscientious social practice. Freedom is obliged by acting right. Liberty is kept by letting go of savagery. Moving ahead has more force than looking back. PTSD is treated by KIND or kindness. The sick are treated by the healthy. The talented put on a show for the lame. Rape is the cause of planned-society. Chaos cures, and feminism is the alternative medicine for those who are testosterone-allergic. Don't give energy to the idea of rape. I don't.
answered Oct 28, 2013 by Anarchy1001 (90 points)