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What is the ideology of victimization and what are the anarchists (especially post left) criticisms of it?

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asked 2 years ago by anonymous
I don't have what amounts to a full answer to your question, but here is some stuff that could help you with this one...

A link to one critique of the ideology of victimization: http://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/feral-faun-essays#toc10

Here is a response to that: http://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/lilith-gender-disobedience-antifeminism-and-insurrectionist-non-dialogue

Another article that might be of interest: http://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/rita-katrina-andrews-only-a-tsunami-will-do-for-a-post-feminist-anarchy

All of this stuff is coming from folks who were generally situated within the anti-civ milieu.
2 years ago by ingrate (14,760 points)

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The ideology of victimization is generally held to be the idea of engaging in dialogue regarding conflict on the terms laid out by society and the "dominators", seeing those in power as actors/subjects as those who act upon others/objects, inevitably removing agency and subjectivity from those others.  An example of this (though there is no shortage of them) would be if we would be to view ourselves as "victims" of police violence.  In framing the situation this way, it says nothing about our choice to engage with and come into conflict with the police in our own ways, it is a necessarily defensive position that when spoken of in these terms affirms our powerlessness and lack of subjectivity, and in some ways lends itself to the conception of ourselves as abstractions i.e. the masses, either acted upon or led.  It is really just a specific way of framing and conceiving of the ways we act in the world and the ways we come to engage in conflict.  I think the criticisms of this should be obvious, but if not i can elaborate
answered 2 years ago by jingles (2,500 points)
further reading: http://antiracistaction.org/?q=april-15-2011-melee-NJ
2 years ago by jingles (2,500 points)

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