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Do post-leftists reject working with Leftists?

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i.e. are not many members of the working class, oppressed, exploited, and excluded Leftists? Do post-leftists suggest we should abandon working with them? Or just abandon traditional Leftist practice?
asked 2 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

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some will some won't. It depends on the person. Anarchy is personal freedom right?
answered 2 years ago by Warthog (140 points)
It's obviously possible to make certain generalizations based on someone's stated political identity or tendency, such as "communists will not work with capitalists", obviously. This is a question relating to the specific ideas put forth by the post-leftist tendency, hoping to get a clarification on what exactly they propose.

Also I feel it's an oversimplification to say that "anarchy is personal freedom" but maybe that's an alright blurb.
2 years ago by Rice Boy (11,280 points)

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