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Was Emiliano Zapata an anarchist?

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I know he was befriended by a couple of anarchists and was influenced by Ricardo Flores Magon, but I also know that the Zapatistas had a slogan that went "Reform, Freedom, Law and Justice", and I've heard he was a Marxist. What's the verdict?
asked Feb 23, 2012 by anonymous
None of the above. Being befriended and influenced by anarchists doesn't make you an anarchist any more than having a friend who's a Marxist makes you a Marxist. Look at the Plan of Ayala


which was the organizational and strategic focus of Zapatista campaigns and which never changed, and draw your own conclusions.

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this question has been answered by someone who wanted only to comment.

according to a quick skim of the link provided by lawrence, the plan of ayala (written by zapata, apparently) seeks state power, and promises to nationalize resources, judge traitors, and call for a president (points 7-10 alone).

so, on the face of it, zapata was not an anarchist.
answered Jun 8, 2016 by dot (52,140 points)