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What are the ideas of Insurrection Anarchism that make it distinct?

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asked Apr 21, 2010 by anonymous
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I@ is not an ideological position or political program which distinguishes itself from other anarchist tendencies based on a particular "social truth" (as opposed to say the distinction between anarcho-primitivism and syndicalism). Insurrectionary anarchism is a praxis with the intention of attacking and destroying the social order. How I@ distinguishes itself from other anarchist tendencies depends on what tendencies are in question. For example, it is distinct from Platformist tendencies and anarcho-syndicalism in its rejection of formal organizations such as unions, federations and political parties. It is distinct from pacifist anarchism in its insistence on the importance of attack and permanent conflictuality. In short I would say, a rejection of formal organizations, a rejection of compromise, a critique of activism, a rejection of the social/individual dichotomy, an anti-political perspective, and a concentration on attack.
answered Apr 21, 2010 by vino (2,410 points)