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Has there been much anarchist activity in China?

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asked Oct 10, 2011 by anonymous
Do you mean historically (late-19th/early 20th century through 1949) or more recently? Do you mean all over the country?

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both in the revolutionary period and in the current period, anarchism existed.

a lot of similarities are often pointed out between the chinese taoist tradition and anarchism as well, although rothbard in an incredible bout of ignorance said chinese 'submissiveness' was a result of taoism, and others point out that people often view current happenings in china  through a rubric of unchanging "chinese tradition" in a way that is false; taoism itself has evolved substantially over the centuries.

it's also important to remember that everywhere anarchism has spread, it's adapted its method to a lot of cultural conventions, therefore anarchism in east asia broadly does not line up 1-to-1 with the categorizations of anarchism in europe or the us, even if the underlying sentiments remain the same.

try these :

for a great overview of chinese anarchism during the revolutionary period, try :




for the pre-modern times,

this contains a table of contents from an anthology which contains some relatives or precusors or affinity lines of thoughts of chinese origin :


and this comparison of taoism and anarchism : http://www.toxicpop.co.uk/library/taoism.htm

for modern times :

from this broad review of asian

"In China, anarchism remains influential as an underground resistance movement. Particularly, a significant underground labour movement has developed in opposition to state repression, with one such orgainsation being Autonomous Beijing. They, along with others, were responsible for the short-lived uprising in Tianamen Square. By neccesity, little is known of their existence and membership, but the existence of a continuing run of strikes and acts of resistance show that they are far from crushed."

Autonomous Beijing is a real thing, underground, word is that they are involved in some of the thousands of labor strikes and protests in china yearly.
answered Nov 16, 2011 by ego (230 points)
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