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is mass society conducive to anarchic relations?

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clearly, anarchic relations can exist within mass society. in what ways does/can mass society foster such relationships? in what ways can/does it hinder such relations?

and perhaps most importantly: what are viable alternatives for individuals who desire anarchic relations and find them difficult within the context of mass society?

for the purposes of discussion, mass society can be described as:


Mass society is any society of the modern era that possesses a mass culture and large-scale, impersonal, social institutions. A mass society is a "society in which prosperity and bureaucracy have weakened traditional social ties".


modern industrialized urbanized society : the society of the mass man especially when held to be marked by anonymity, high mobility, lack of individuality, and a general dominance of impersonal relationships.

asked Jul 1 by funkyanarchy (11,470 points)
first thought: if i think of mass society figuratively as something that is available in cities and not in small towns/villages (obviously that's a simplification) then i consider that many people leave small towns to live more independent lives, or at least lives that feel more open to them--one less (not un-) constrained by people's expectations and assumptions.

it's a pretty broad question! i'll come back to it...
It alienates the individual from themselves and others and works on destroying the uniqueness of individuals to a degree. The individual is incorporated into the totality of society (homogenized) and it sort of causes people to become detached or lose their closeness and affection abilities with another person to some extent. I've wondered how much of a factor mass society has on those people that go and kill a bunch of people.

It also kind of makes individuals dependent on people they don't know and could care less about, like with all the technological advances. It's a very capitalistic thing with as handful of ass tunnels at top manipulating and scheming. I don't mean to imply that all interpersonal relations are effected by mass society. A lot are, but not all

I guess some people today may view it as a positive thing because it's inclusive by bringing people of different background together into a collective blob, tricks the masses into believing they are empowered and creates a collective behavior of the people. In a way, that aspect of it seems to be the commie/socialist wet dream minus the capitalist economic factor of mass production for mass consumption, regardless if mass production is a giant waste or not. I don't think it really promotes an environment for individuality

It's almost like proto-Borg and resistance is going to be futile. ;)

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