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New to anarchism.

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Hello my name is Craig and I'm new to anarchism and don't count myself as anarchist. Yet but hope to in the very near future I've been learning all about it and. It's much nicer than I thought my question is as far as people in the anarchist. Community go can people be any kind of anarchist they want to be. While staying true to it and have the same interests they had before my question. May sound silly but it's an important one that only you guys can help. Me out with I'll be watching for your replies a fellow human being wishing you all well.
asked May 10 by A (120 points)
reopened May 11 by A
pure art? cool? ... seriously?

might it gibberish and call spit well you as literature.

(i must be the new hip esher)
hi craig. you can still engage in your interests and hobbies that you had before. are you using your phone to post? people on here are quite the sticklers on punctuation rules. as gertrude stein would say punctuation rules is only necessary for the feeble-minded.
" people on here are quite the sticklers on punctuation rules"

yes, funky, i had the same reaction...although i felt like giving georgie a little nastier reply...but since i have an affinity for the character of george costanza...well, i didn't. :)
I'm no stickler for punctuation/rigid language but the period thing is super annoying imo

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