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Are any/many anarchists migrating or otherwise preparing for climate change?

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I was wondering if "prepping" exists outside of hippie or libertarian scenes. Is anyone taking "emergency-preparedness" seriously (like moving locations) that is NOT living in a conservative, gun-proud scene like that of rural US?

I come from a region of "preppers" i.e.: those who prepare for social-upheaval (for whatever reason) by stocking food, weaponry, and moving away from cities. And to be honest, though I would NOT like to "bunker-down" with the prepper-types I am trying describe, I have stored food off-and-on and practiced a skill-set that I sought in some seriousness. (I've since moved to a city; this was a while ago). I'm conflicted. There is a part of me that is embarrassed by this... the mindset can stink of white paranoia and christian end-times.

Anyway, what are anarchists doing to survive climate-change? Does anything need to be done? Is this a stupid question? Is death just an epic release from pain and you're like whatever about it?
asked Oct 29 by vinegar (230 points)
Climate change really does exist, i don't just go off scientific data for this one (because i might agree with ppl who deny it if this were the case) but the climate has gotten a lot warmer over my lifetime. "Winter" as i used to know it (sub-zero temperatures) has practically disappeared in the temperate eastern-america regions.

I think prepping is a good idea as long as it's less about future scenario fears and more about coping with the way that things are, or just learning how to not be so dependent on electricity and the internet. The typical "prepper" is always thinking about some disaster situation that is very unlikely to occur, to me this feels completely worthless and boring. The fear and survivalist mentality is what's going to create the new hierarchies once climate change leaves a lot of people starving and stranded.

Also, while I own guns and don't have a problem with people have them, there are some preppers who do firearms training on a regular basis, which is both very expensive and may end up in you shooting someone for no reason than just protecting yourself.

"may end up in you shooting someone for no reason than just protecting yourself."

sounds like a helluva good reason for shooting someone, to me. do you think otherwise?

i see what you mean, "shoot first ask questions later", the famous cop movie slogan, but what i meant is that you might just end up shooting someone who you either care about or meant you no harm, which isn't exactly desirable
i thought the whole point of gun training was to train people so that they *didn't* shoot without thinking about it, encouraging people to think it through and not do things out of panic or ignorance. surely it works both ways (normalizes gun use as a response to everything, and encourages people to think more about what gun use actually means)?
Bullets are expensive, and I don't think it's worth it to me to own [a gun] at this point in my life. (Not only for the money, but for other, probably obvious, four-year-old reasons.) I've shot different types of guns and rifles, but that's because I once lived out of city-limits, and urban friends would come out to practice.

I've seen some sketch-ass gun practice. Not the group of friends that I mentioned earlier; they took gun-ownership very seriously.

Sketch-ass shit I've seen:

1) taking edgy photos of your babies holding guns. I don't want to nit-pick the details of this exercise, but this is state risk. Families have been investigated by the state for photos such as this. I have seen people that I know take edge-lord photos like this, and I fucking break out in a sweat.

This link is just a random example that I found:       http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2017/03/23/mans-selfie-with-toddler-holding-gun-prompts-request-for-police-probe/

2) Not knowing where your fucking guns are:    I'd been borrowing my friend's vehicle for months off and on. On day, we go to unload the back, and a pistol rolled out of a plastic tarp. I'd been driving around with this gun without knowing it. I'd even let my kid play in the vehicle as a sort of "play-pen" every once in a while.   Fuck that.

3) A friend of mine told me that their partner drunkenly waved the gun around one night, threatening suicide. But being in that experience doesn't "just feel like they're threatening suicide" if you know what I mean.   There's a lot to unpack when it comes to the relationship of guns, alcohol, and suicide.  I'm not up for it.

4) My creep-ass prepper neighbor said that he didn't need to stock food and supplies since he owned guns and he knew which neighbors did stock food and supplies.   Thanks, Mr. Rogers.

GUNS, tell you what.

edit is a one to [a gun]

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