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What are recommended sites 'where people can dive into' a conversation about anarchy?

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I Am enjoying the discussions here but understand it is for questions rather than direct discussion about what anarchy is and how to live it.

I would like a site more for discussion rather than a question and answer format that this site is built on. Are there some that you recommend? Or do you have a list of sites that offers that form of discussion?
asked Jun 23, 2017 by zz (300 points)

I don't think this really amounts to an answer, but I haven't found any that are very satisfying, tbh. ANews has its' forums, but they seem underutilized and the discussions I have seen there aren't super interesting to me. Obviously, if I participated more that might effect that, but it hasn't felt like something I was interested in.

Other forums are often more sectarian.  Libcom has forums that might be of interest to, well, libertarian communists or anarcho-communists. Anarkismo used to have it's Blackcat Forums which was for discussion of Platformist tendencies, but when I just went to check the link, it seems like they lost the domain for it. It might still be out there, but I didn't want to put the effort in to looking. Similarly, there are probably still some green anarchist forums (the ones I was familiar with seem to be no more), syndicalist forums (haven't really looked b/c don't care), etc.

Reddit might also be a place to look. I generally avoid it, because my experience of looking there is that you get a bad mix of ancaps and folks who don't use the term anarachist in the way I would, but I have friends that get deeply involved in AMAs there, and it looks like there might be a variety of options, but I can't vouch for their quality. Not that I am vouching for the quality of the ones I linked to.

Thank you, ingrate.

In other words not so much.

Mostly, I would like to hear and maybe share what others are doing to live out their understanding of anarchy in their day to day lives. The limitations are obvious but I did read that people do attempt to do that day to day.

I think it is a great approach to clearing the mind of predominate cultural modes and thinking.

I could ask it as a question but then it seems like I am limited in my responses. If I try to answer my own question it seems like a setup.

As for reddit, sometimes I choose to accept the general population's impression of a source. Reddit does not leave others with a good impression. I can't explore everything. I chose not to explore reddit.

Thanks, again, ingrate, for your response.
fwiw, i support answering one's own question here, although there have been people who did it disingenuously, if it's done because you both have something to say and want to hear what other people have to say, i think it has worked fine sometimes. just sayin'


Mostly, I would like to hear and maybe share what others are doing to live out their understanding of anarchy in their day to day lives. The limitations are obvious but I did read that people do attempt to do that day to day. 

i remember quite a few questions with answers here that share in that way. "living-in-anarchy", "practice", etc. used as search tags will probably show a few related questions.

and i also like writing and reading what people do to live anarchically, so i'll probably come back to share a few stories.

a central part of my focus for living more anarchically revolves around reducing the amount of (how often, how much of, how many) economic relationships and interactions in my life, and finding other things to do with people where money doesn't come into play....and finding other ways to do some things that usually would involve money (or barter), but without it. i could say more if anyone feels interested...  

I'm a little confused by the question itself, because this already is a website where you can 'dive into' a question about anarchy...

This site is not just about questions and answers, it was made to teach people about anarchism and "anarchy", hence the site is called "Anarchy 101"
yeah, nihilist, this feels like diving in, right now....splash!

As someone who has been on this forum for a long time I would second what dot said. This is never going to be a place where I discuss a lot of particulars and details of my own activities, but no online forum is going to be. Part of that is security, and part of that is that the specifics of my situation particular to me.

One of the things I like most about this site is when we do get in to some deep questions/answer(s)/comments and really hash out some things and explore our varied perspectives.

Do you mind if I ask what sorts of stuff more specifically you want to talk about? I am totally down to get into the weeds about some things if you are.
Thank you for the recommendation, BA@. I went to "practice" & found great stuff.

You, each of you have tolerated me well. I have a habit of going into situations liker gangbusters in a very arrogant way. I don't realize I am doing it (again) until I am well into the process.

As @s, I guess handling each situation well is an important part of the process. I appreciate your patience with me--each of you.
Thank you, dot. I hear what you are saying. The author of the question on PrimeE was a good example of a question with an answer.

I think I asked the question because I couldn't think of how to make my thoughts into a question.
I Don't mind if you ask and I don't mind answer if I can remember what it was I was thinking about when I asked it. It will come back to me.
I So appreciate your responses. I went to the recommended tags and indeed, some very interesting discussions popped up. Thank you all. Now, if I can just remember a point I wanted to discuss but couldn't figure out how to put in to a question.

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